Carbs Reimagined

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As no-carb diet fads diminish, consumers are willing to revisit quality carbohydrates and add them back to their food choices.

We are in the midst of a new wave of carbohydrates. Gone are the days of no-carb diet fads. instead, people are interested in sustainable ingredients that fuel the body without making them feel heavy or sluggish. This shift can be seen in the popularity of fermented whole grains, oats and small-batch flours used to make homemade bread and pizza doughs. Carbs that incorporate gluten-free options, such as sprouted grains and hearty cereals, both satiate the stomach and satisfy the soul. Pasta made with healthier ingredients or different flours, such as beetroot or Tempeh, also allows those who want to eat more types of plants to do so as part of regular recipes. Carbs are back and here to stay because our bodies require them. If chefs and manufacturers can provide new culinary experiences by incorporating them, they could cultivate a whole new group of curious and conscious customers. While some people might be hesitant to try these new types of carbohydrates, others are excited about the possibilities. Carbs are an unignorable and essential part of a balanced diet, and these new options provide more ways for people to get them.

With consumers increasingly concerned about their health, and nutritionists recommending that they optimize carbs and maintain a healthy level of the same in their diet for healthier choices, the industry is experimenting by revisiting ancient grains and seeds to add wholesomeness and health attributes to meals. Demand for value-added solutions like pre-made doughs made with healthier carbohydrates offer these additional benefits.  Sugar reduction is another area of opportunity for the industry as people are looking for ceaner options for sweetening their food. While natural sweeteners like honey, agave, and stevia are becoming increasingly popular, there is still some work to be done in terms of reducing the sugar content in packaged and processed food without compromising taste. This is where advances in food technology come into play as new methods of processing and packaging food can help reduce the amount of sugar added to food without affecting the taste or quality.

Another area of opportunity for the snacks and bakery industry is fiber-rich foods which help with aiding digestion.   As consumers become more aware of the importance of fiber, they are looking for ways to incorporate it into their diet. This presents an excellent opportunity for brands to create products that are high in fiber and deliver on taste. In addition, prebiotics and probiotics are becoming more popular as people look for ways to improve their gut health. These ingredients can be used in various recipes to create products that support gut health and have important health benefits, such as boosting immunity. As a result, the demand for healthy carbohydrates is on the rise, and this trend is here to stay. By experimenting with new ingredients, technologies, and packaging solutions, brands can and are creating nutritious and delicious products. Healthy carbs are no longer a fad, they are a necessity, and the industry is poised to provide consumers with the options they need to make healthier choices.

– Richard Pattinson, General Manager, GRIFFCO Foods

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