Chicken Biryani

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Chicken Biryani is one of the most amazing royal delicacies introduced to Indians by the Persians. Since then it has been much popular and is considered to be a luxurious treat to enjoy on special occasions.

Today we will show you how to prepare the Biryani Rice

For this recipe we need: 

  • 50 gms – Ghee/refined oil
  • 60 grams of Sliced red onions
  • 500 grams chicken  
  • 500 grams of Basmati Rice 
  • 10 grams of Biryani rice seasoning  
  • 1000 ml of Water
  • 10 gms – Chopped coriander
  • 10 gms chopped mint
  • 30 gms – Fried onion 


  1. Add the rice to a large pot and rinse it at least twice. Drain and soak in freshwater for 30 min and then drain into a colander. Boil the rice along with the seasoning until it is cooked.
  2. On a medium heat around 180 degrees fry the onion for 2.5 minutes stirring often until uniformly light brown.
  3. Add the marinated chicken and sauté until it becomes pale for 5 min.
  4. Lower the flame completely. Cover and cook until the chicken is soft, tender and completely cooked.
  5. Check if the chicken is cooked by pricking with a fork or knife. It has to be just cooked and not overdone.
  6. Layer drained rice all over the chicken.
  7. Cover the pot and cook on medium heat until the rice is done completely.
  8. Rest it covered for 15 min.
  9. Garnish with onion and chopped coriander

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