Grilled Lamb Cutlets

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2 grams of sumac

20 grams of red onion

20 grams of parsley

Lamb cutlets – 300 grams

12 grams of Chipotle BBQ seasoning

6 grams of water

For the main recipe:

42 grams of Biwaz mix

300 grams of lamb cutlets

40 grams of red bell pepper

40 grams of green bell pepper

50 grams of tomato

50 grams of onion

200 grams of French fries

1 piece of Arabic bread

30 grams of lemon


  1. For the Biwaz, dice the onion and finely chop the parsley
  2. Mix the onion and sumac
  3. Add the parsley
  4. For the lamb cutlets, mix the seasoning with water and keep aside
  5. Add the spiced marinade to the lamb cutlets
  6. For the main recipe, grill the lamb cutlets
  7. Place the red bell pepper, green bell pepper, tomato, green chilli and red onion on sticks and grill
  8. Fry the French fries for 180c for 3 minutes
  9. Place Arabic bread onto the plate 
  10. Add the Biwaz on top
  11. Add all the grilled lamb cutlets and grilled vegetables 
  12. Garnish with French fries and a slice of lemon

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