London Fish & Chips with Tartar Ranch Sauce

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Deeping  Butter: 

  • Batter Mix (All-Purpose Butter)  25 Grams 
  • Water 50  Grams 
  • Ranch Tartar Sauce: 
  • Ranch Sauce 80 Grams 
  • Gherkins  5 Grams 
  • Capers 5  Grams 
  • Onions 5  Grams 
  • Cucumber Pickles  5 Grams 

HOT Chili Hamour Strips marinade:   

  • Hamour Strips Fish 200 Grams 
  • Hot Chili   5 Grams 
  • Corn Oil   5 Grams 
  • Main Recipe ingredients 
  • Hamour Strips Fish 200 Grams 
  • Deeping Butter 75 Grams 
  • Ranch Sauce 100 Grams 
  • Lemon 10 Grams 
  • French Fries 250 Grams 


  1. Mix Batter Mix  and water to get the mix Ready
  2. Chop the gherkins and Capers, Onions, Pickles into small dices and mix with ranch sauce
  3. Mix the hot Chili seasoning with Corn oil then add the fish
  4. Deep the Hamour strips in the dipping butter then fry at 180c for 3 minutes
  5. Fry the French fries for 3 minutes at 180c
  6. Serve with lemon and ranch sauce 

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