Our Sustainability Journey

To us, sustainability is a platform for Griffco to grow business by positively impacting People, Planet and Performance.

A Vehicle for Greater Good

Brian Griffith shares the story of how his father’s view of Griffith Foods continues to inspire our approach to operating sustainably and making the world a better place. 

Triple-Bottom-Line Sustainability Platform

Our Sustainability Platform of People, Planet, and Performance guides how we behave, conduct business, and treat people, ensuring that everything we do leads to responsible growth for our entire ecosystem.

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We take care of our employees and the communities in which we do business.

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We operate ethically and strategically to create a positive impact for our business and for all of those with whom we interact.

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We all share one Earth, and we take environmental action to responsibly care for it.

Griffith Sustainably Sourced

Griffith Sustainably Sourced (GSS) is our strategic sourcing program, which targets farm-level integration of the supply chain across four continents. With a goal of helping agricultural producers improve their yields and their wellbeing, we work to increase the amount of raw materials sourced from sustainably certified farms by working with partners like Rainforest Alliance

Latest Sustainability Reports

Read more about Griffith Foods’ Sustainability Platform, our goals and initiatives, and the positive impact we’re making across People, Planet and Performance. 

Griffith Foods 2020 Sustainability Report

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Better Ways Forward

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Striving for Better

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Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

The companies of the Griffith Foods Group are committed to conducting their business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. In the Griffith Foods Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, we describe the responsibilities of the Company and its employees with respect to these standards, laws, and regulations. 

Read Griffco Foods’ Code of Ethics and Business Conduct here.

Human Rights Policy

Our purpose is built upon our value of caring for our people and we are committed to upholding and protecting human rights everywhere as our people – our employees, suppliers, and partners – are our most valued asset.

Read Griffco Foods’ Human Rights Policy here.

Global Workplace Health & Safety Policy

Griffco is committed to providing safe food in a safe way. The health and safety of our people, alongside the safety and quality of our products, are our highest priorities. This policy sets out our approach to ensuring the health and safety of everyone who does work for us, and those who visit us.

Read Griffco Foods’ Global Workplace Health & Safety Policy here.

Environmental Policy

Griffco is committed to the conservation of the earth’s resources, the sustainable sourcing of materials and the responsible operation of our facilities. Our 2030 Sustainability Plan makes clear the scale of our environmental ambition – becoming carbon neutral in our own operations by 2030, and reducing emissions across our entire value chain in line with what science says is necessary to keep global warming below 1.5°C.

Read Griffco Foods’ Environmental Policy here.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Griffco aims to work with suppliers that are committed to values that are compatible with our own. Our Supplier Code of Conduct establishes expectations of our suppliers with regard to human rights, environment, ethical practices, and compliance with legal requirements as well as the Griffith Foods Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, Human Rights Policy and other relevant policies.

Read Griffco Foods’ Supplier Code of Conduct here.
Read Griffco Foods’ Supplier Code of Conduct here in Spanish.
Read Griffico Foods’ Supplier Code of Conduct here in Mandarin. 

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