Time-Saving Solutions to Boost Culinary Efficiency

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For today’s consumers, retailers and operators, solutions that minimize guess work and maximize flavor, convenience and accuracy are in high demand. At home, consumers want to simplify and elevate their meals, choosing retail options that deliver both convenience and global flavor. Plant-based proteins such as Korean-Style Meatless Meatballs (US) and Gnocchi with Plant-Based Bolognese (Brazil) showcase these innovative offerings. Additionally, private label options bring familiarity and culinary excitement to a home cook’s repertoire, perfect for easy-to-prepare items like meal kits.

On the foodservice side, restaurants are being challenged to “do more with less” in all areas of operations. Maintaining the quality of takeout and delivery is essential, with pre-portioned meals, long hold times and sustainable packaging as key solutions. Curated meal kits are another way operators are delivering restaurant-quality experiences to their customers at home. In the UAE, a popular taco shop offers taqueria recipe boxes with 30-minute prep, and a bakehouse sells smoked salmon bagel boxes for an easy breakfast option.

Efficiency also plays a role in today’s snacking trends. Consumers are enjoying more satiating snacks as meal replacements, emphasizing the importance of delivering on both nutrition and flavor. In India, high-protein or added-protein snack claims grew 82% between 2017 and 2021; there is a huge opportunity to innovate in the space to address consumer demand. Functional snacks are also growing, with items such as “zen” snack mix (France) and blueberry-hemp power balls (Germany) claiming to address cognitive and nervous system function. In Japan, monthly subscription boxes add another level of convenience and ease to snacking.

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