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A Good Catch

Though sustainable seafood is a topic that the majority of consumers say they are concerned with (Datassential,

Chef Blog: Sweet Beyond Sugar

Since the beginning of time, humans have searched for high-carbohydrate sugars, not because they like the taste

Chef Blog: The Mighty Legume

Before joining Griffith Foods as culinary director India in 2019, Chef Nitin Puri built an illustrious career

Chef Blog: Fired Up Flavor

Senior Development Chef Andy Jones of Nottingham, UK, joined the Griffith Foods family in 2004. Previously, he

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Monitoring food trends is only useful if you can act on the insights you’ve gleaned. Year after year, we monitor, identify, and capture what consumers across the globe are craving and activate those learnings through new, innovative solutions that cater to your customer’s needs. From flavor and texture to nutrition and health, we’re focused on the food elements that matter most to the people you serve.

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