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The Griffco ecosystem knows no bounds. We work with foodservice professionals, processors, distributors, and retailers across the globe to not only delight consumers, but grow businesses. Let us help you create global flavor experiences that make every meal and moment better. 


Refresh your core menu or create innovation Limited Time Offers.


Develop delicious food, leveraging our taste and texture solutions, that meet your operational priorities.


Present consumers with unique, authentic food only your brand can deliver.


Provide variety that delivers o nthe quality and taste expectations of your end-users.

Food Service

Innovative menus for customer and business growth

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Stand Out in the Market

We help you identify the latest trends and create new concepts to connect directly with consumers.

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Differentiate Your Menu

Experiment with new flavors and explore culinary design with expert guidance from our trailblazing chefs.

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Formulate for Quality

We’re relentless in achieving the exact product attributes you require through thorough development and testing.

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Develop for Consistency

We adapt solutions to your environment so menu items are consistent every time, everywhere.


Develop unique products that are authentic to your brand

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Execute with Confidence

Between rigorous trials and effective production lines, rest assured that our technical experts are formulating your products to the exact requirements you set.

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Connect with Consumers

Peer into the hearts and minds of consumers with local market knowledge that confirms your products meet the physical and emotional benefits they crave.

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Put Freshness First

Differentiate your brand with products that are healthier, cleaner, and more natural than the competition — without sacrificing taste.


Signature products that drive revenue growth

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Foodservice Deli

Tap into our deep foodservice knowledge and processing strengths to create and launch prepared food offerings at the deli with attributes that drive sales for your stores.

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Offer Private Labels

Allow us to craft your own signature label that’s unique to your brand, staying competitive with national chains and generating higher profit margins.


Custom and stock solutions to expand product lines

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Develop Customized Products

Work with Griffith Foods to develop proprietary products that speak to your brand’s signature attributes, style, and consumer needs.

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Stay Nimble with Branded Options

Don’t require customization? Choose from a variety of branded sauces, mixes, and seasonings that can be quickly incorporated into a variety of foodservice applications.

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Meat Processing Solutions

Through our specialty line of ingredients, Griffith Foods works closely with leading processors to enhance product performance, gain market share, and increase profitability.

Let’s Create Better Together.

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